Digital signage


The Digital Signage module is used for general (internal) communication. The module is made up of various widgets that display location-specific information.

When you click on “Digital Signage” in the module menu, you will get an overview of all existing modules of this type and a button to add a new Digital Signage module.

The management of Digital Signage consists of various tabs.


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General functionalities

  • Delete a digital signage module: the entire module is deleted

  • Duplicate a digital signage module: the entire module, including all its contents, is duplicated

  • Cancel a digital signage module: all changes that were made before saving can be cancelled by clicking the cancel button


The basic information contains the following settings:

  • Module name: internal work name


Playlists are created and managed here that are played via a carousel on the deployment PC.

There is a list of all created playlists that can be filtered by name on the left-hand side; there is also the possibility to change, delete or add items.

A playlist has the following properties:

  • Playlist title: internal work name

  • Media items

    • Media file (for each language possible)

    • Title: internal work name

    • Type: static of placeholder (default static)

    • Time: how long the item is visible in the playlist


Various location-based settings are configured in this tab.

The following matters can be set:

  • Logo: image that can be set per language (slogans…)

  • Weather: you choose the country and city where the deployment pc is located here

  • Message Ticker

    • You will get a list of messages on the left-hand side to which you can add, delete or change items.

    • You can give a different input to a message per language.

  • Embed

    • You will get a list of “embedded” items on the left-hand side to which you can add, delete or change items.

    • An embed is used to display an existing web app/webpage via an iframe

Attention: not all external websites allow embedding.

Content Layout

This tab determines how the module will be visually built up on the deployment PC; you can determine here which playlist is active and which widgets are shown where.