Xperify - Content CreatorFile cards

File cards


A file card is the only module that is to be used in conjunction with another module. It is an information sheet of a product, a service, a topic, etc.

Possible combinations are:

  • filecard + digital label

  • file card + interactive map

  • file card + object recognition app

General functionalities:

  • Delete file card module: all cards in this module will also be deleted. Duplicate

  • file card module: all cards in this module will be duplicated

  • Cancel file card module: all adjustments that have been made without saving can be cancelled via the cancel button





  • Module name: internal work name


An overview of all cards can be seen on the left.

You can edit a card already created via the edit button.

  • File card name: internal work name

General info

The general info can be added per language. You can switch languages via the menu on the right.

  • Title

  • Subtitle

  • Caption: the caption pertains to all assets and cannot be set per asset

  • Text: this text will be placed on the first tab in your file card

  • Facts & figures: this text will be placed on a second tab in your file card

Add multiple assets

You can add multiple media assets to your file card here. The following file types are possible:

  • jpg

  • png

  • gif

  • pdf

  • mp4

  • wav

Add multiple assets:

  1. Select the assets in the uploader. They are automatically assigned a number that determines the order.

  2. If the asset can be the same for all languages, press ‘apply asset to all languages’

  3. Press ‘add assets’; only then will your photo or photos be added to the media carousel

Tip: Optimal resolution: 16:9 ratio

Remark: the order in which the photos appear will also be the order in which the photos will appear in the media carousel