The Screensaver module serves as a waiting page for an application. When no one is active in this application, this content will be shown. The screensaver is the first thing that the visitor sees. It can actually be regarded as a first ‘layer’ where you can share content. This can, once again, be an image with an eventual title and subtitle, or a video. This content may differ per language. A Screensaver module is directly assigned to an application.

When you click on “Screensaver” in the module menu, you will get an overview of all existing Screensaver modules and a button to add a Screensaver module.


General functionalities

  • Delete a screensaver module: the entire module is deleted

  • Duplicate a screensaver module: the entire module, including all its contents, is duplicated

  • Cancel a screensaver module: all changes that were made before saving can be cancelled via the cancel button

The screensaver management consists of several parts:


  • Module name: internal work name

  • Language cycle time: determines the time per language for displaying the title and introductory text

  • General info

    • Title and introductory text application can be entered per language


Screensaver media: the media item that is active in the background. This can be a video or an image in the following possible formats:

  • jpg

  • png

  • mp4

Remark: if the asset can be the same for all languages, activate ‘apply asset to all languages’ before saving the uploaded asset.