Digital label


A digital label is a summary of file cards. The summary is done via a grid structure in which the shape of the tiles can be chosen.


Example 1:

Example 2:

General functionalities:

  • Delete a digital label module: the entire module is deleted. The file cards are retained under the file cards module.

  • Duplicate a digital label module: the entire module, including all its contents, is duplicated

  • Cancel a digital label module: all changes that were made before saving can be cancelled by clicking the cancel button


The “basic” information of the Digital Labels module consists of the following parts:

  • Module name: internal work name

  • Has introduction: determines whether an introductory pop-up should be visible.

  • If “Has introduction” is clicked:

    • Title and text can be entered per language for the introduction pop-up

  • Has flip animation: determines whether a file card within a Digital Labels module has an animation before the effective detail content is to be displayed.

  • Background: add an image (.jpg or .png) or video (.mp4) to the background of your module


The tab “Content” determines the layout structure of the Digital Labels module. You can see a list of all the blocks of the Mosaic on the left-hand side.

You can determine the following for each item:

  • File Card: here you link an item created in the File Cards module

  • Size: here you determine whether to use a horizontal, vertical rectangle or a square as the format for this item within the mosaic.

  • Thumbnail: here you determine an eventual image for the display within the mosaic; otherwise, the default accent colour is used as background.
    Square optimal resolution: 351px x 351px
    Horizontal rectangle optimal resolution: 758px x 351px
    Vertical rectangle optimal resolution: 351px x 758px

Attention: if you remove a file card while it is still being used in a digital label, you will get an error both in the dashboard and the frontend.

Attention: if you create a file card in your digital label without actually linking a file card, you will get an error in the frontend