Client data


Type: Survey

The survey can be used with a file card in an interactive map or digital label. A short survey can be added, such as ‘what do you think of this product’?

  1. Click on ‘add item’

  2. Name: internal work name

  3. Select type: survey

  4. Visible after (s): after opening the file card, after how many seconds may the survey appear

  5. Question: enter the question that you would like to ask per language. Maximum 100 characters

  6. Feedback: enter feedback text that you would like to give when visitors have completed your survey

  7. Click on ‘add rank’. A maximum of 5 answers can be added

  8. Upload an asset per rank. The following file types are possible:

    1. .jpg

    2. .png

    3. .gif

    4. .svg

Go to an interactive map or digital label, fill in the dropdown for query.

After that, the pop-up disappears automatically after a visitor has answered.


With analytics, a period can be chosen from which analytics can be obtained. A csv file is exported with a list of data.

Check for detailed information.