Quick start!

Step 1: make a module (multiple modules per application possible)

  1. Go in the menu to ‘modules’

  2. Choose from our available modules.

  3. Give the module a unique, easy-to-find name.

  4. Fill the module with content (text, photos, videos,...)

  5. Save

more info about our modules: https://ocular.atlassian.net/l/c/K0pPCyiH


Step 2: add a module to an application (multiple applications per scenario possible)

  1. Go in the menu to ‘application’

  2. Add a new application

  3. Give the application a unique, easy-to-find name

  4. Optional: add a screensaver (this is also a module you need to make before)

  5. Go to the tab ‘content’

  6. Add a module to your application. You can add multiple modules and add a navigation structure if you want

    1. when multiple modules: add in the ‘module configuration’ a thumbnail and label

    2. when multiple modules and navigations: add backbutton or home button in the menu configuration

  7. Save

More info about applications: https://ocular.atlassian.net/l/c/JucC1mea

Step 3: Make a theme (only 1 theme per scenario possible)

  1. Go the the menu ‘themes’

  2. Make a new theme

  3. Give it a unique name

  4. Add a header and body font

  5. Define the accent colour

  6. Save

More info about themes: https://ocular.atlassian.net/l/c/vrCtk9kL

Step 4: Make a scenario

  1. Go to the menu ‘scenario’

  2. Add a new scenario

  3. Give it a unique name

  4. Select a theme

  5. Make it active (if you want to see it directly) or make it available for Xperify ‘virtual’

  6. Go to keypoints

  7. Add a new keypoint

  8. Go to device deployments

  9. Add a new device deployment

    1. choose the exhibit

    2. Choose the device

    3. Choose an application

    4. add

  10. Define all your devices in your exhibit

  11. Save

More info about scenarios: https://ocular.atlassian.net/l/c/BS9EQRjg

Step 5: (Pre)view your scenario

Option 1: Preview on your laptop

  1. Go to the menu ‘exhibit’

  2. Go to a specific device of your exhibit that you have defined in your scenario

  3. Click on the preview icon

  4. A second tab opens with the preview of your application

More info about exhibits: https://ocular.atlassian.net/l/c/s2xu8wjd


Option 2: Update on your physical screen

  1. Go in the right corner to ‘controls’

  2. Click on ‘reload content’

  3. The device will restart and download new applications

More info about the control panel: https://ocular.atlassian.net/l/c/9ERxFPZd