Synchronised video module


The synchronised video module is a module that allows you to play videos sync on different screens.

Please note: This type of module should always be used in a separate application and cannot be combined with other modules.

When you click on “Synchronised video” in the module menu, you will get an overview of all existing media shows and a button to add a Synchronised video.

General functionalities

  • Delete a Synchronised video module: the entire module is deleted

  • Duplicate a Synchronised video module: the entire module, including all its contents, is duplicated

  • Cancel a Synchronised video module: all changes that were made before saving can be cancelled via the cancel button

The management of a Synchronised video consists of several parts:


The basic settings consist of:

  • Module name: internal work name


The content determines what is exactly displayed within the synchronised video module (video= .mp4) and what the behaviour is. The Content settings are:

  • Loop: the media is played over and over per language

  • I am the leader:

    • if enabled, this module will be the leader for all other screens. All other videos must listen to this one.

      • the following dropdown is not available

    • if not, choose from the drop-down list which leader this module should listen to.

Note: The leaders and followers must be part of the same scenario!

  • Media: the media item that is to be displayed (video)
    Optimal resolution: depending on the device

Remark: if your media can be the same for all languages, activate ‘apply asset to all languages’ before saving.