Desktop sharing


The Desktop sharing module is used to share your dekstop into Xperify virtual. One of the walls could be your dekstop, a specific window, program or browsertab.

When you click on “Desktop sharing” in the module menu, you will get an overview of all existing modules of this type and a button to add a new Desktop sharing module.


There are no examples available yet.

General functionalities

  • Delete a desktop sharing module: the entire module is deleted

  • Duplicate a desktop sharing module: the entire module, including all its contents, is duplicated

  • Cancel a desktop sharing module: all changes that were made before saving can be cancelled by clicking the cancel button



  • Module name: internal work name

  • Background image: full HD image in the background (.jpg or .png)

(View for virtual host, visitor will not see the button, only the image)


How does it work?

  1. Make a ‘desktop sharing module’

  2. Add the module to an application

  3. Add the application to a scenario

  4. Go to Xperify

  5. Setup a call with one or more visitors

  6. When you didn’t invite your visitors to a showroom yet

    1. Click on the button 'set up a presentation to start sharing’

    2. Choose in which scenario you want to invite your visitors

    3. Go further with step 7

  7. When you already invited your visitors to a showroom:

    1. Click on the button ‘start sharing’

    2. Choose what you want to share

      1. Full screen

      2. Window

      3. Chrome-tabblad

  8. Your visitors see now the shared view on the wall. As advisor you see the button ‘stop sharing’

  9. Click ‘stop sharing’ if you want to stop or if you want to share something else