The item exhibit menu provides an overview of all Xperify devices or boxes. Each exhibit is composed of 1 or more types.

  • If the exhibit is in a physical space, the type will mainly be PCs.

  • If the exhibit is a virtual space, the types consist of the 4 walls, floor and ceiling of an Xperify box.





You can start or stop the entire exhibit.

  • In order to start, press the green ‘start exhibit’ button

  • In order to stop, press the red ‘shut down exhibit’ button


You can also control each type within an exhibit in a physical space separately.

  1. Click on the ‘commands’ icon, next to the type you would like to control

  2. Start

    • Start the computer

  3. Stop

    • Shut down the computer

  4. Reload

    • Reload Xperify (without download)

  5. Reboot

    • Reboot the computer

  6. resetContent

    • Removes all content present in the db.js and clears the db.js. After that everything will be picked up again in the background and refresh

  7. checkContent

    • Download all content in the background. When the download is complete, the app will refresh

  8. refresh

    • The app will refreshen

  9. Maximize

    • If the app is minimized, you can put the app back on the screen fullscreen

  10. Minimize

    • Put the app in the start bar instead of fullscreen on the screen

  11. Mute

    • Will turn off all sound on the computer

  12. unmute

    • Will turn on all the sound on the computer



You can open an online preview in your browser for each type in your exhibit

  1. Click on the ‘preview’ icon of the desired type

  2. The preview opens in a new tab

Attention: if your application starts with a video, you must click in your browser during loading. Otherwise, Chrome will not load the video.


Default scenario

A default scenario can be selected for a virtual exhibit. This is the scenario that will play in the lobby.